"Money Games presents a compelling perspective on the evolution of sports business and provides an excellent roadmap to maximizing the benefits and minimizing the pitfalls that arise at the intersection of sports and entertainment."
- David Stern, NBA Commissioner

"As Major League Baseball has achieved record business performance in recent years, the line that separates sports from entertainment continues to diminish. Money Games examines the current business climate in the sports industry and identifies the challenges facing the various sports leagues in delivering fans what they want while keeping up with the different ways in which fans consume the games."
- Allan H. (Bud) Selig, Baseball Commissioner

"As the sports and entertainment industries converge, the opportunities to consume sports at home, on the go, and at venues multiply exponentially - and the roster of stakeholders who aim to profit from this development expands. Even with the potential for billion dollar bottom lines and brands with global renown, monetizing this corporate decathlon is no easy win. The strategies and tactics that all the players will want - from the boardroom to the locker room - can be found in Money Games."
- John Nendick, Ernst & Young Global Media & Entertainment Industry Leader

"Money Games details what all of us in the sports industry have been witnessing over the last several years: as sports and entertainment continue to converge, substantial business opportunities result. Money Games serves as an invaluable resource for stakeholders hoping to monetize sports as entertainment."
- Kenneth L. Shropshire, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and author of Negotiate Like the Pros and The Business of Sports Agents

"Fans, sports and media executives, and even investors will find that Carter's examination, exploration, and explanation of the changing landscape of sports and entertainment helps them understand their own experiences. From mobile technology and video games to athlete branding and corporate meetings, he interprets everyday events - at home, away from home, and at-venue."
- Stephen A. Greyser, Harvard Business School